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Assigned Data’s core belief is to offer simple tech solutions to manage your data needs. Companies today are looking to solutions that work but are cost effective. Successfully managing your business today is determined by how well your data is presented, captured and distributed across platforms, departments and audiences.  Our approach to meet this challenge is by offering three solutions.  Each one will provide a range of data choices that will provide an effective solutions to insure your data works for you.

To distribute web content across platforms and devices, our Data to Design Services builds professional web sites and mobile apps.  Through our sister company Manna Design Works, we design creative content that delivers your message, product and service to your intendant audience.  

To manage your data our Data to Cloud services offer a range of cloud based applications and software to allow you to store, manage and distribute data to key personnel or departments.

To capture your data our Data to Work marketplace offer a range of digital products that enhance your ability to critical collect data and foster a paperless environment. We offer product solutions for personnel management, fleet management, hand held devices for inventory and document scanning.

Each product and service we offer provides the tools to effective manage your work processes through applications and products that are cost effective, user friendly and scalable to meet todays and future demands.

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