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Mi-Co provide easy-to-use software that facilitates businesses to capture data using Windows, iOS and Android devices. Mi-Co’s forms and mobile inspection software, enables knowledge workers in industries such as Healthcare, Field Service, Construction, Manufacturing, Finance, and Government to capture data electronically and integrate collected data into back office enterprise systems.

Mi-Forms enable you to capture data and securely integrate the data into your enterprise database, document imaging, ECM/EDM, and/or other core systems – including HR, financials/materials management, health information, clinical, and ERP suites. The Mi-Forms System provides developers with a user-friendly means of building forms automation solutions. Microsoft Windows developers and IT departments can easily develop and deploy Windows, Apple iOS, and Google Android based solutions, and create e-forms for the web and/or native Mi-Forms apps.

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Mi-Co Mobile Inspection Software

Mobile Inspection Software by Mi-Corporation will allow the complete transformation of your paper inspection process to a digital mobile process.

Mobile Inspection Software by Mi-Corporation includes all the elements needed to automate your field workforce’s inspection tasks including:

•Industry leading, Mi-Forms mobile forms platform for flexible data collection on any mobile device, supporting any data type (GPS, voice recording, photos, barcodes, signatures and more)
•Configurable database that is also created during form design either on-premise, or hosted with field mappings for exported data
•Configurable reporting tools that allow analysis of the data collected and sorting by variables such as inspector names, time durations, fines and more
•Web-based dashboard that displays inspection results in near real-time with geo-mapping of inspections, and graphical illustration of reported data for actionable insights

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Document Imaging

We offer Document Capture Software from Kofax, Kodak, Epson and Fujitsu for both desktop and server based environments. Document Capture Software automates the process of capturing of paper based documents and forms. The benefits of the software is provide an easy and intuitive process to capture, edit, index, share and distribute single or large batch of documents. These documents could be stored and available to be retrieved on home office systems, remote branches or back office data centers.

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Data Storage

FileLock is a hardware-independent software product which ensures WORM functionality based on standard hard disk systems. Since a lot of business relevant data must be stored in an unchangeable format for „compliance“ reasons in accordance with country-specific legal requirements, this makes FileLock the perfect solution.

FileLock allows written files to be read, but not to be altered within a set life time.  Only when this retention period“ timeframe is met, can the file be deleted.  Unauthorized access is no longer possible with FileLock.  Even existing file systems can subsequently be write-protected.  FileLock runs under standard Windows and also under VMware on a Virtual Machine“.  Every application can write data, via CIFS or NFS, directly to a file system protected by FileLock. A proprietary API is not necessary.

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