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Selecting the right layout, colors, and graphics that best represent your business is one of the first step in the  design process. Developing a vision for your site and capabilities can be helped by comparing various sites that are similar in mission or industry. By viewing what is in the marketplace can help influence the direction of your design. To aid in that direction,  our web portfolio offers  a glimpse of some of our past projects.

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Custom Features

Each one of the features listed in the Feature Chart can be added to your site during or after the design process. Our Feature Chart outlines many of the most popular and useful add-ons used today. Many of the add-ons can be installed with no customization. To insure visual inherence to your web site, our design team can add custom graphics and content to blend each feature into your selected web design. The benefit of incorporating key features is the added functionality it can bring to your web site.  Many of the features have a proven record of being reliable, scalable, client managed but most important, provide a positive experience to the end user.

Feature Chart

CategoryFeature NameFeature Description
•PhotosEmbed photo images into posts and pages. Ability to upload, manage and display photo albums and slideshows.
•Sounds/MusicEmbed audio into posts and pages.
Upload single track, playlist to be listen to by built in music player.
•VideoEmbed video into posts and pages. Upload video files to be stored and viewed through services such as You Tube.
•Video StreamingIntegrate multimedia features & sources (Video, Music) to broadcast live to your web site.
•Google/Bing MapsDisplay an address and map of set location utilizing Google or Bing Mapping features.
•DirectionsProvide detail map and detailed directions to navigate between two points.
•Map MarkersPin & Share address of places by creating maps with either single or multiple markers.
•CalendarsVisual display of weekly/monthly calendars listing scheduled events.
•Service-Appointment Appointment booking for online visitors.
•Event ManagementEvent Management, Registration, Payment and Ticketing.
•Member & Business DirectoriesBusiness directories and listings of local businesses.
Payment Services
•Traditional EcommerceEcommerce site with shopping cart to online selling.
•Payment PagesAbility to accept electronic payments for all credit card transactions.

•Auto Bill-Donations & SubscriptionsPayment System to receive financial donations via credit card, pay pal, etc.
•Interactive CatalogsOnline tool to itemized items in an organize layout with images, detailed description, pricing, reviews, ratings and payment options.
Support Services
•ForumsOn line meeting place to provide conduit to encourage discussion on moderated topics.
•Trouble Ticketing System/Help DeskHelp desk system for users to receive support through a ticket base system
•Help DeskIntegrate cloud based help desk solutions to your site.
•Knowledgebase, Answer ForumsA collection of information that is itemized, organize and retrievable.
•Document LibrariesLibrary like feature that allows end users to browse and have access to documents, video, audio, pictures.
•Contact FormsFeature that creates forms that can be accessed from the web site
•NewslettersAllow users to subscribe or sign up for newsletters directly from the web site.
•Live SupportFeature that provides support to end users through several communication methods such as email, phone or text
Social Media
•Facebook, Twitter, Goggle Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Adding social media links directly on the web site.
Site Integration
SharePoint, Sales Force, Yelp, Trip AdvisorConnection to other web information web sites.

Custom Services


Our design team can create custom logos, graphic images and icons to enhance your image, message, product or service. We can design and convert paper base forms to aid in the collection of data. We also can create custom electronic and print material to help market your products and services. For more details, please click on the arrow of each section to read for further details. Creating the right images can speak visual to your audience. Our graphics team can design creative and distinctive logos and graphic icons. We can also assist in selecting the photographic stock images for web site or marketing material. 

Mobile Web

Today users are increasing the use of their mobile devices to surf the web across platforms. Creating the right mobile web presence is key today for most businesses and organizations. The right designed mobile web site can allow individuals to search, view and have positive user experience with features specially design for your intended audience. Assigned Data can design a new site or redesign an existing site to be viewed by your audience on handheld devices such as mobile phones.  We can build a responsive site that contains elements that are functional to touch.We can build web apps designed to operate on multiple mobile platforms. These native apps allow your audience to interact with content such as Directions and Mapping, Mobile Commerce and Mobile Payment.

Search Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process that enhances the visibility of your web site through search engines such as Google or Bing.  Through careful editing of the content or code of your web site enables our design team to increase the relevance of certain keywords to increase the number of hits your audience will receive when searching for topics, products and services, images, video, news or information.

Social Media

Expanding your social media connections can give opportunity for a larger audience to be able to view contribute and communicate with you through the web. Our design team can customized media portals such as Facebook and Twitter to compliment your current web sites. Social Media-Designing and promoting your company through social media sites such  Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn

Brochures & Marketing Material

Our creative team can design company brochures, marketing material and direct mail material. Providing professional print material to your audience today still has many advantages. It first offers brand credibility. It allows you to market in depth information about your product or service. It allows you to target your print material or ads to certain publications or market segments.

Our Portfolio of Media Material

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