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Our Web Design Series offers three different plans that can form the framework to build your web site. The common factor between each plan is that each will  be  a designed professionally.  Each offers the ability to add  additional features and design styles.  The level of customization of features, content or graphics is dependent on which series is selected. Regarding which web design plan is selected, the same level of care is provided. Assigned Data will provide the  blueprint to launch your site onto the web today.  But most importantly provide the service to meet your design needs for tomorrow.

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If you are ready to launch your site our sales team is ready to assist you today, call us at (856)231-8400 x204 or send us a quick email by clicking on Contact Us link.  If there are questions about each plan call us at the same number. For more information about our custom features, content services and web/media portfolio, please click on the following link-Web Content.

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